Deployment: Launching Your Website

Deployment is the final phase of our project. Once your website has been tested thoroughly, we will deploy it to a fast, secure, & highly scalable server. Our preference is to deploy to Heroku or Linode, but we can deploy to any almost any VPS or PaaS. We ensure that all of our deployments have automatic backups, an application monitoring service, and a suitable SSL certificate.

Monitor Results

By default, we use application monitoring to monitor the status and performance of your website. Application monitoring can help us to determine if there are any performance bottlenecks in your website, and can notify if us by email or SMS if the website goes down for any reason.

Maintenance Calendar & Updates

If you need extended support for your website after launch, we can provide a Service Level Agreement. Generally, our SLAs include guarantees of server uptime, reliability, infrastructure, and hardware.

Maintenance Calendar

Our managed websites are updated according to a specific maintenance calendar. This calendar includes regular updates for the server, and any server software. As needed, we also patch any reported vulnerabilities or exploits.

Resolving Bugs

Although we strive to build error and bug free websites, bugs do occur on occasion. We continue to field and fix bugs on all our websites throughout the deployment process, and after. We provide an easy means for your organization to report any bugs, and additional testing to ensure the bug has been resolved.

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