Linode VPS

Linode, a portmanteau of the words linux and node, is a provider of Linux-based virtual private servers. Linode offers its clients multiple products and services, but cloud-hosting is its flagship, with multiple packages at different prices.

The Cheaper Choice for Small Businesses

The benefits of Linode are similar to those of other cloud server providers: drastically reduced server creation and launch times, as well as scalable computing power, storage, and pricing. But whereas Amazon Web Services is probably the best choice for large-scale enterprises and well-established corporations, Linode is a better choice for businesses and startups.

Why? It is much more affordable; and while Amazon is faster and more powerful on a larger scale, Linode’s smallest package gives the most bang for your buck compared to the company’s competitors. To read a thorough comparison of Linode and other cloud servers, click here.

Deploy Your Server Quickly

The Linode cloud allows developers to deploy a Linode, or virtual Linux server, in seconds. Linode Manager lets the developer scale resources, choose his preferred Linux distribution (such as Ubuntu or Fedora), and select the node location out of six data centers from around the globe. Utilizing Linode Manager and NodeBalancer, a developer can manage multiple server instances across a single system. Developers can also ensure the safety of all their servers by backing them up on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with Linode Backup.

Most recently, Linode launched Longview, an analysis package for Linux that tracks CPU, memory, and your network to avoid downtime and keep your Linode VPS running smoothly with insights from your system metrics. In addition to all these services, Linode also offers an API, command line interface (CLI), and virtual console (Lish), as well as StackScripts to automate deployment for custom outside systems like WordPress.

These Features Make Managing and Securing Your Server Easier

Other notable features of Linode include: