New Relic

Application Monitoring

New Relic is a San Francisco based software analytics company that was founded in 2008. Delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model, New Relic's technology monitors billions of metrics across millions of web and mobile applications running on the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments.

Powerful Real-Time Data

New Relic gives web and software developers actionable business insights based on real-time data, including user click streams, mobile activity, end user experiences, and transactions. The company’s mission is to enable developers to focus on writing new code rather than worry about constant troubleshooting.

New Relic is known for its scalability and robust cloud-based security, and its SaaS model is tailored toward fast innovation, allowing both startups and established enterprises immediate access to new launches and updated features.


New Relic’s software analytics platform now includes iOS and Android native mobile apps. The company has also launched an open SaaS platform designed to allow developers to deploy 50+ existing plug-ins from technology partners to the New Relic dashboard, or deploy their own custom plugins instead. The partner technology plug-ins include PaaS/cloud services, caching, database, Web servers, and queuing.

New Relic currently has 70 partnerships around the world, including Amazon Web Services, CloudBees, Engine Yard, Heroku, Joyent, Rackspace Hosting, and Microsoft Azure, as well as mobile application backend service providers Appcelerator, Parse, and StackMob.

An Impressive List of New Relic Users

New Relic boasts an extensive, diverse, and robust client list. The company has continued to provide analytics for household names like Microsoft, Nike, Groupon, NBC, Sony, EA, Fox, Walmart, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and BestBuy. But New Relic’s services are just as useful for business and startups as previously established corporations; every enterprise depends on reliable data and analysis.