Simple Virtual Machines

Vagrant is a virtual machine used to build complete development environments. You can think of Vagrant as a developer’s virtual sandbox. Easy to configure, reproducible, and portable, the work environments provided by Vagrant are built on industry-standard technology and managed by a single consistent workflow to maximize your team’s productivity and flexibility.

Develop Easily

Vagrant is a software that creates and configures virtual development environments. It is a “wrapper” that encompasses and incorporates virtualization tools such as VirtualBox, KVM, and VMware, as well as configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Salt, and Puppet.

Vagrant is written in the Ruby programming language, but is usable in projects written in Python, JavaScript, and many more. Vagrant also supports many plugins, as well as server environments such as Amazon EC2.

Versatile Development

Vagrant is useful for web developers, operations engineers, web designers, and their employers and clients. There is a huge number of ways to build web development environments, and whichever you choose, Vagrant can help at every step.