Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is a suite of Google applications compiling essential services to help your business. Google Apps is a hosted service that allows businesses, schools, and institutions to use a vast collection of Google products—including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Hangouts—on a unique domain (e.g.,

Google Apps for Work: Integrated and User-Friendly

Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) is a subscription-based cloud suite of productivity and collaboration software and tools offered by Google, including such popular web applications as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Hangouts. While these services are already available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for Work provides additional business-specific features such as custom email addresses at your domain, at least 30GB of storage for email and documents, and 24/7 phone and email support.

All of these services and many more are included in the basic plan, which is priced at just $5 per user per month or $50 per user per year. Drive for Work is a premium package that includes everything mentioned above as well as Google Apps Vault and unlimited storage; it is available for only $10 per user per month.

Use the Power of Google to Your Advantage

Who doesn’t use Google Apps? According to Google, Apps for Work is used by over 5 million organizations around the world, including 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies. For a detailed and exhaustive list, head on over to their official customers’ page. There you can read client highlights and testimonials and find local businesses in your field that have already chosen Google Apps for Work.

The Apps

Google Apps for work gives your entire organization advanced word processing tools, extensive spreadsheets and presentations, shared calendars, video meetings, 30GB of online storage, 24/7 support, and many more business tools.

You can create, edit, and share files anywhere from your laptop, phone, or tablet, giving you the freedom to work wherever you go. Google Apps for Work also has business-grade security and management tools, allowing you to oversee your company’s devices and data with tools that provide necessary control.


Now the most popular web email service in the world, Gmail is used by over 425 million people as of 2012. Gmail features robust spam protection, powerful search, and integrated calendars to help you get more done. With Gmail for work, you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime, zero ads, Gmail syncs directly with Microsoft Outlook, and comes with 30GB of storage on the regular plan or unlimited storage on premium.

Google Productivity Suite

The Google Productvity is a powerful alternative to Microsoft Office. With Google Apps, you can create and edit text documents in the cloud. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms work on any web-enabled device, including iPhones, iPads, or Android devices. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and surveys can be co-written, co-edited, shared, and commented on in real time, and all changes are saved automatically. With an unlimited revision history that does not count toward your storage, you can track every single version of a document, keeping all changes safe and in one place with the ability to undo any mistakes that might arise. With offline access on Chrome, you can let team members work on their documents without an internet connection and import changes automatically once they have an internet connection. All documents can be emailed or downloaded in various popular formats, including .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html format.

Google Drive

With Google Drive you can sync all of your files, including Microsoft Office files, across all your authorized devices—such as your computer, phone, and tablet. Easily share all your synced documents with teammates, customers or partners. You can even share files with people that don’t use Google Drive. No more sending attachments or spending time merging different versions of files. Google Drive is used by millions of people at home and work. With easy account switching, you can move seamlessly between your work and personal accounts while maintaining all of the protocols that keep your data secure.

Google Hangouts

With Google Hangouts you can meet face to face with coworkers and customers while saving money and time on travel. Connect with your team or your clients through HD video, voice, and text. Hold conferences with the people that matter most to your business, and engage with up to 15 people within or outside of your organization on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Hangouts focuses the screen automatically on whoever is speaking, and its intelligent muting prevents background noise. You can share your screen, give presentations through Google Slides, and chat while you work. The Hangouts On Air service allows users to stream live broadcasts to Google+, YouTube, and their websites. As with all other Google Apps, Hangouts comes with 24/7 phone support and 99.9% guaranteed uptime, as well as ISO27001 and SOC 2 certification.