Inside the Roper School Website

Kenneth Scagel

The site was up and running quickly and featured tools we didn’t even know we needed but are very helpful in running our business. We’ve gotten many compliments on our site and are thrilled with the whole experience.

Kenny Scagel, Dean of The Roper School

What The Roper School Needed

The Roper School is an online classical high school program in Fort Worth, Texas. BRM Web Dev needed to make The Roper School a stylish, engaging website that appealed to students and parents alike. More importantly, The Roper School needed an easy way to collect registration data, take payments, conduct classes online, share class materials, and post grades for students and parents.

How We Solved Their Problem

Because the teachers at The Roper School would need to update the website content on a regular basis, a CMS was needed. Because of it’s popularity and it’s many plugins, WordPress was the ideal choice. Parents of potential students are able to able to experience the online school using the The Roper Schools webnar, a video tutorial to how their classes work on a day-to-day basis. Application and enrollment data is collected and stored securily through the website. And students and parents are able to log in and view their current homework and grades. BRM Web Dev continues to provide support to the school through analytics reports and application monitoring, helping the school to grow it’s student body through a targeted marketing campaign.

The Technology Roundup

Web Hosting

The Roper School is hosted on Linode because it provides reliable VPS hosting for a fixed price. The website is maintained through a git repository, which makes long-term maintenance easy. Backups are also regular and automated.

Content Management System

The Roper School was built upon the Wordpress platform. Because Wordpress is the world’s most popular CMS, there are numerous plugins already built, available for free or at a reasonable price, which can save development time and reduce costs.

Development Tools

The Roper School was developed using Vagrant.


The Roper School uses Google Analytics to track visitor traffic patterns. With these patterns in hand, content that targets relevant long-tail keywords can be created. This makes our client’s website highly visible to search engines, such as Google.

Cloud Services

The Roper School uses Google Apps for Work, including Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Google Apps allow the teachers and students to share, collaborate, and communicate easily, which is integral for a successful organization.