Inside the QuickSmart AV Website

Richard Speedie

Talented, knowledgeable, and reliable developers. They know what they’re doing and deliver what they say they’ll deliver.

Richard Speedie, Quicksmart AV

What QuickSmart AV Needed

QuickSmart AV is an audio, video, and media production company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company produces high-quality, competetively priced media projects for a wide range of clients, but it specializes in the education, eLearning, and corporate sectors. Since video is their trade, the team at QuickSmart AV expected nothing less than excellence when it came to the visual production of their website.

How We Solved Their Problem

The presentation and reliability of QuickSmart AV were both very important. An Amazon EC2 instance solved the latter problem, while clean typography helped with the former. WordPress proved to be the excellent framework choice. It allows the owner of the site to publish easily news, blog posts, and other updates. Because of its business model, high visibility online was very important for this project. Search engine optimization, supported by Schema Microdata, helps Quicksmart AV stand out to potential clients who are searching for the services it provides. Google Apps for Work were set up so that coworkers could share, collaborate on, organize, and present their work to each other and to clients.

The Technology Roundup

Web Hosting

Quicksmart AV is hosted on Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 is an industry leading cloud VPS provider. Competitive pricing and an industry-best availability make Amazon EC2 a good fit for this app.

Content Management System

Quicksmart AV was built with Wordpress, the most popular content management system. With Wordpress, the client could easily create new website content and update their marketing strategies.


Quicksmart AV uses Google Analytics to track visitor traffic patterns, and uses those pattersn to understand how different demographics navigate their website.