Inside the Honeyhive Website

David Clarkson

BRM Web Dev produces high quality, responsive and creative designs on time and for a competitive price… They took the time to understand our requirements in detail and then delivered above our expectation.

David Clarkson, Honeyhive

What Honeyhive Needed

Honeyhive is a web and mobile application that allows users to prioritize and collaborate in real-time from any location. The application uses simple but effective Kanban visual aids to help monitor and motivate productivity. The Honeyhive team needed a markatable website that enabled them to successfully gain users.

How We Solved Their Problem

WordPress gave us a powerful but easy to use content management system. Using Wordpress, the Honeyhive marketing team is able to quickly and easily update content sections without having to consult the technology team. Because Wordpress is so popular, the team was able to integrate several 3rd party PaaS such as User Voice for support and Optimizely for A/B testing.

The Technology Roundup

Web Hosting

Honeyhive is hosted on Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 is an industry leading cloud VPS provider. Competitive pricing and an industry-best availability make Amazon EC2 a good fit for this app.

Content Management System

Honeyhive was built with Wordpress, the most popular content management system. With Wordpress, the client could easily create new website content and update their marketing strategies.


Honeyhive uses Google Analytics to track visitor traffic patterns. With these patterns, Honeyhive is able to determine which marketing strategies are leading to the most conversions.